Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For our Georgia friends

Today I was going to post a collage of pictures from Christmas, but we got a very fun package in the mail today and I couldn't resist putting this on here. We also got a new camera that takes pretty good video that helps too. I couldn't get them to move around so please click the video on the bottom first and it will make more sense. And don't forget to scroll down and pause the music on the bottom of the blog.
John, Mary, Laura and Carol- Thank you so much for all the fun gifts, I hope this makes you smile.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mrs. Claus

Yesterday, Jonah and Lydia were playing so nicely in Jonah's room, I had no idea what they were doing, but they were quiet so I figure that was good. I saw Lydie typing on her hamper like it was a computer, she went in the bedroom talked to Jonah then came out and asked me,

"Mom, does Mrs. Claus work? Because Jonah says she doesn't!"

I assured her that Mrs Claus works.

She then answered," Good because I am being Mrs Claus and I am sending toys to the kids in Africa because they don't have toys!"

(Thanks Nicole!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Through our adoption journey, God has blessed us with many people along the way who have been there for us exactly at the time when we needed them, and some even some when we didn't even know we needed them. God always amazes me with his timing! Anyway get to the point ... I need each of you reading this to check out my friend Nicole's silent auction over at her blog.

She is an amazing women and the adoptive mom of 3 princes from Africa. She is raising money for a very special children's home in South Africa (where one of her sweet boys stayed).

Please check it out. There are some awesome items and all the proceeds go to the children's home.

Please, please, please check it out. It's done on Friday.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Trying to get in the sprirt.

Ok I must be getting old because Christmas is totally sneaking up on me this year. I love Christmas and all the good food and pretty lights and time with family, but this year I"m a little bit in denial that it's really the middle of December. Anyway, we have been a bit sick with colds around here and just a few days down seems to keep you about 5 days behind. Maybe that's how the middle of December snuck up on me. Anyway, here are some things that happened this week that helped me get in spirit of Christmas.

*The first real snow for this area and I got to watch a certain Georgia peach have her first experience with snow. She loves her new light up snow boots and loved stomping in the snow. Then we were trying to walk on the sidewalk she stops and was very determined. I soon found she not only wanted to stomp in it but needed to put her hands in it. Luckily she had her nice warm mittens on.

*The kids bringing home Christmas ornaments from school.

*Watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special. I don't know the official name, because there are a few but it's the "real" one where they actually read the Christmas story from the Bible. I love that!

*Listening to little kids hide out in their room being soooo sneeky only to find them very lovingly playing with my nativity set. It is now J and L's favorite toy and the angel made it's way on top of L's bulletin board to watch over her.

So what has helped you get in the Christmas spirirt this year?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

there's no place like OHMMMM!

Just a quick cute story. Princess T is starting to say more words and her latest is OHMMMM (home).  It's the cutest thing, she says OHMMMM and puckers up her lips and holds out the M, oK I really should just have a video of it to do it justice instead of this pathetic explantion. 

And there is just something about her saying "home" that is special. Never before did that word have such huge meaning!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

thanks for praying

Aaron and I talked about T's adoption on Wednesday at our church. It was the Thanksgiving service and it went well. I made it through without crying, just a little choke up. And even though I got down from the stage I thought of a 100 things I should've said. I have to keep telling myself that God used my words even though I can hardly remember what I said. So thanks for praying for me, I felt your prayers for sure!

Thanksgiving - So there were tons of things that happened in the past 5 days of turkey day festivities which at the time I thought, oh that would be a good blog post, but this is the only one I can remember.

On our way home from the church service, Lydia starts telling me out of nowhere what she's thankful for. I'm feeling all proud for taking her to the service and thinking wow she really does listen when we talk about what the meaning of Thanksgiving is. So here's what she says,

"I"m thankful for aunties and uncles, for mom and dad, Jonah and T, Grandma Linda, and Grandma Linda(she really has 2 grandma Lindas) Papa Steve, and Grandpa Jason, Bjorn, and Leighton, and God and Jesus and Santa . . ."

So there you have it, what can I say.

Hope you all had a Happy Thankful Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

say a little prayer

If you think of it can you please say a little prayer for Aaron and I. We are sharing at our church's Thanksgiving service about T's adoption. Will you pray that God gives us the words HE wants us to say and that people will feel encouraged by our story. OH and pray that I'm not too long winded and that I don't cry the whole time. It's so hard to talk about something so close to your heart and not cry. I mean it's Ok to cry a little, I just don't want to get to ugly cry. You know. It's really late I need to go to bed.

Thanks for praying!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Podcasting - a new frontieer

I am Valerie's husband, Aaron, and I am putting a new podcast of Jonah and Lydia reading their books. This is my first post on here and one of very few until Valerie learns to do this. I don't know if that will happen but I am glad to guest star on here. Just click on the mp3 at the right or the title of this post and download it or press play for immediate satisfactions...and that's it. Enjoy!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Nicole to tell you 6 quirky things about me. Quirky is such a hard word, so I"ll just go  for it and maybe some of you will learn something about me you never knew before. The rest of you will just nod in agreement. 

1. I almost always leave the last swallow in the glass of whatever I'm drinking. I"m not sure why, but It has driven those I live with (past and present) crazy.

2. Whenever I'm driving down the road and I meet a motorcycle coming toward me I have this irrational fear that I am going to lose control of my vehicle and run into the poor sap on the motorcycle and send him flying into the air. 

3.I have always wanted to be a cowgirl. Now, to some of you, you may think I was a cowgirl because I grew up on a farm and we raised cattle, but we never had horses. Even though I always wanted a horse and do all the cool cowgirl things like ride a horse, rope calves and all of that. But,  my dad always said "no". poor, poor Valerie.

4. I love, love, love to talk on the phone. It's how I get my dishes done, my kitchen cleaned, my problems solved. 

5. I always have something to say. (This was the quirk my husband wanted me to add) But it's true, wether good or bad I love to visit and share my opinion, sometimes complain but most of the time hopefully be an encouragement.

6. Some women have a shoe fetish or have to buy a purse every time they go into a store. My weakness when it's comes to shopping is . . .  are ready. . . wait for it. . . SCHOOL SUPPLIES! I have been known many times to buy all kinds of school supplies that I do not need or can not think of a need for. It's just when those cute little cardboard bins come out with all the latest pens, pencil, notebooks I just can't help myself. 

And so just for fun I am going to tag Shannon and find out what her 6 quirky things are, and find out if I can learn anything new about my favorite sister-in-law!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

check it out

Just in case you want a sneak peak of some beautiful pictures, check Susie B's blog.

Monday, November 10, 2008

These are some of my favorite things about adding the latest member to our family.

-The darkest most soulful eyes I"ve ever looked into.

-"Show me your funny face!" with a little snort that goes with with it.

- Two little girls giggling in a tent about who knows what.

-Curious little fingers that can reach the tops of bathroom counters and tables and even knock down the cricket cage ( our gecko's food). Have you ever hunted 30 crickets in your house and tried NOT to kill them?

- Hearing "Da-Da" again

- A one year old who does the best sumo wrestler stomp you've ever seen. And she can get everyone in the room doing it!

- Watching the world in the wonder of a 1 year old's eyes. Even a drinking straw is cool to them.

-The most sincere six year old's prayer thanking Jesus for the baby He sent us and all the things she can do.

-Being hugged so tightly it involves both arms and legs. It feels like you could let go of the child and they would just stay clinging to your torso, I've never let go, but the girl knows how to squeeze. She is the best squeezer ever!

-Falling in love.

Princess T you have stolen my heart, you are such a wonderful addition to our family and I thank God for every part of you.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm calling it Rainbow Alfredo

Today we were getting back from a photo shoot/play date with my very talented friend  Susie B and it was supper time. (I promise beautiful pictures at a later date!) Anyway it was the dreaded decision of what to make for supper. I scanned my cupboards, checked out my fridge and got a little creative. I came up with this great recipe from all the things I had on hand. And I'm writing it down just so I don't forget it. If I were really cool like the pioneer woman I would have a pictures of the process and the finished product on here, but I don't think that far a head so I'll just share the recipe. Oh and the best part is my kids ate it. Here it is:

Rainbow Alfredo

1/2 package of bacon
1/2 box of penne pasta
1/2 carton of grape tomatoes
handful of frozen peas
a couple hand fulls of frozen carrots
1 jar of Alfredo sauce
a little (like 1/2 cup) spaghetti sauce
Parmesan cheese

Fry the bacon, cook the pasta according to the box, bring you frozen carrots to a boil and cook for a couple of minutes. After the bacon is finished, pour the drained pasta in the drippings, add the vegetables, Alfredo sauce, spaghetti sauce to the skillet. Mix all together and put in a casserole dish, sprinkle with parmesan cheese and bake at 350F for about 15 minutes. 

Yummy and pretty too!

Monday, November 3, 2008

A sense of accomplishment

I have a 100 other things I should be doing right now, but I just had to share with all of you that I just did something I have never done before. It gave me a great sense of accomplishment. Those of you with big families will laugh but I just took 4 kids to the grocery store and survived! My 3 plus my neighbor girl who is 4. We had a talk about how you act in the store and it went beautifully. It was even kind of fun.

The best part was when we were in the checkout line and the bagger guy asked if I wanted to carry my eggs out or if they could go in the crate for drive up. I looked at him and then at the 4 little ones around me and said they have just as good of a chance out there as with me. He said yeah I guess you have your hands full! It was great. Hope you all have a happy Monday!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Well, we were blessed with fun friends and nice weather for trick-or-treating. We walked around our block and showed off our costumes. The neighbors were all out and everyone had a great time visiting one of the last times before we all go into hibernation for the winter.

"T" the duck

Jonah the knight

And Liddybell

Our cousin cowboy Leighton and Horse Maverick came to get some candy too!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Show me your funny face. . .

This great face along with climbing on chairs are just a few of my new tricks.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An over due THANK YOU

Gift cards and gas cards
diapers, wipes and new clothes
toys and Elmo dolls
princess hair supplies and pretty clippys.
 Soft fuzzy blankets and wonderfully delicious meals.
For money so graciously given to help bring her home.
Phone calls to check up on us
For dozens of prayers sent up to an all knowing father 
on our behalf we thank you!
We can't put into words the generosity we have felt from all of you in this season of transition.
We thank God for you!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A month in pictures

It's hard to believe we've known this sweet face for one whole month and one week. It seems like she's been part of us for a whole lot longer. What a blessing she is. Here are some of my favorite pictures taken in the past month that I haven't posted yet. They are in no particular order. Some are my favorites because they're really great photos, some are my favorite because they captured a memory even thought they might not be the best picture. Many of the pics are thanks to my great sister-in-law Shannon.

To try to "delurk" some of you. If you are reading this I want you to leave a comment and vote for your favorite photo. I can't wait to hear from you all.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

God is good!

Right now high in the sky, I have a dear friend who is bring in her baby girl home. I can't stop thinking about them and the journey they have been on to get her. (And I don't mean the 4 day stay in the south). My prayers go out to them that they will travel safe and then that they will transition "safe":) With the miracle of adoption so fresh in our house, I just can't help but tear up when I think about the first time she will carry that sweet baby into her house, the first time her other children will meet their new sister and the first time she cries for her mama. Whenever a family adds a member it is special and changing, but I can now say with adoption there is an added dynamic. It's hard to explain in words but it is there.

I pray for my friend today and the fresh emotions adoption brings. I thank God today for her and the faithfulness she has showed me on this journey called adoption with. What a blessing! I can't wait for the day when I can post a picture of us and the babies we prayed for, for so long! God is good!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

"How's it going?"

I've heard this a lot in the past couple weeks. And I don't always know what to say. I"m not one to hide my feelings very well so sometimes I'm overwhelmed, and sometimes I'm in awe, and somtimes I'm joyful, and sometimes I"m just plain tired. I think this is all normal. Huh, "normal" that's what we are most trying to figure out. What is our new normal?

One thing is for sure, "T" likes us, in fact the way she has bonded with us is one of the biggest miracles I've ever been part of. I kept praying the week before we met her "Lord please prepare her" and He answered b/c it's just like she knew who we were from day one. I am sooo thankful for this and pray that she continues to trust us.

Another thing that we know is we are adjusting. Despite the dishwasher breaking, the house being a disaster and a baby who doesn't really like to sleep during the day, but needs to we are adjusting. Everyday, we are one day closer to knowing what a family of 5 --our family of 5 looks and feels like. This has been a little difficult for the former baby of the family. After all it's hard to have 2 princesses in one house.

One more thing we know is T is still getting on a schedule. Sleeping is tough sometimes and eventually we'll figure it out, day by day, we'll figure it out.

So how's it going? Good mostly, if you happen to think of us you send up a prayer for the adjusting and you send up a praise for our how faithful God has been to us. I know this is all sort of random but that's as good as it gets these days. And just to make you smile, here is Daddy's newest favorite Bison fan.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chapter 3 Just like camp. . .

This post is dedicated to the wonderful foster family who cared for princess T. I can't say enough good things about them and I think Aaron put it best "you don't meet people like that every day." They were kind enough to let us stay at their house, they helped us get around and most importantly they loved on little T in a way that has truly made her bloom. I could go on and on about John's sense of humor, Mary's kind heart, Laura's great laugh and Carol's sweet spirit but really I'm just full of gratitude for this wonderful family.

The night before we left to get her, Aaron was a little worried about staying at someone's house, being at our daughters birthday party who we just met, basically living with strangers. I had talked to Mary (foster mom) a couple times before we left and knew we would be fine but just in case I prayed that it would be like Bible camp. You know you get to camp and maybe know 1 or 2 other people and by the end of the week the whole cabin feels like family. (Luckily I've usually had positive experiences at camp!) It's one of those miracles that can only be explained from God. Anyway, that's exactly what happened. We always felt so comfortable and welcome. These people demonstrated the gift of hospitality.

Monday, October 6, 2008

a quick one

I have 5 minutes before I have to pick up the kids from school but I needed to send a big Thank You out to my favorite sister Jessie for redoing my blog page so it's a bit prettier and had some great tunes on it.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Chapter 2 Fairygod Mother

I am happy to say that God blessed princess T with many people to love her in the 12 months before we could bring her home and one was her fairy god mother. I get teary-eyed just thinking about this woman. She took time with T and her foster mom every other week and they did her hair. Now you may say, "HAIR" is that really that important, well the foster mom didn't know how to fix T's lovely locks and this women gave of her time to spend time and love on T. I had the priveledge of meeting her and she gave me my own crash course in doing T's hair. I know this fairy God mother prayed for a family for T and continues to pray for her. She is a very special lady.

Yesterday, I took my own stab at doing her hair. It took 1 hour to take the braids out and then another hour to put them back in 5 different sittings. It really was an all day afair, So with the help of Aaron and our favorite furry monster Elmo we did it! And here are the pictures to prove it

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chapter 1 Meeting Her

Ok so I"ve been trying to figure out how I was going to document this whole incredible adoption experience. We have been home for 4 full days now and there is so much to share and think about I wasn't exactly sure how to narrow it down. So I've decided I'd think of it like chapters of a book and this will be my reflections of the chapters. And since I've had a request for more pictures (You know who you are:) I"ll try to put some more pictures on from the trip and since we've been home.

Chapter 1 Meeting Her

The other night Jonah asked me how I felt when I had him and Lydia? I wasn't sure what he was getting at until he asked me how I felt when I met "T". He was wondering if I felt the same when I had him as when I met her. So I will try to explain what it was like to meet my daughter.

We get off the airplane and are in this HUGE airport. I don't fly very often so I'm easily impressed! Surprisingly it didn't scare me thought, if definetly felt like an adventure. We hadn't heard from the foster mom (who was picking us up) so we didn't know if she's be there waiting or if we'd have to wait. We got on a train to go the baggage plane, I kept repeating "North Terminal, blue side" over and over in my head b/c I didn't want to forget where our bags were. After all there were like 3 or 4 baggage claims and in this airport they could've been a mile apart literally! Then as we're on this crazy fast train, my cell phone rings. My stomach does one of those little flip flop things b/c I know it must be the foster mom. It was her wondering where we were and which claims our bags were at. I was so glad I had been repeating "north terminal blue side" in my head over and over so I could tell her. I got off the phone and told Aaron "she's (princess T) with her." My stomach does another flip flop and I suddenly realize I want this train to be going even faster.

We get off the train and find "north terminal blue side" quite quickly. It wasn't too busy, so that helped. We got our bags and I start scanning the crowd, my mind is racing and my heart is thumping ,"Will I be able to recognize them from the picture? Will they recognize us?" We turned around there they were. We walked over to them and "T" was sitting in one of those luggage push cart things. I will never forget the way she looked up at me with those coffee colored eyes. Just studing my face. I wanted to grab her and squeeze her but wasn't sure if I should. I put my hands out to her and she came right to me. For the next 10 minutes. She held my finger and we walked around the baggage claim. She was totally enthralled with the giant Shept pointing and babbling at them. I knew at that moment my life was never going to be the same. And yes, even though it was in a busy airport and she was able to walk around. The feeling I had in my heart was the same when I met "T" as when I had J and L.

"Happy Birthday to you!" and signing her own adoption papers.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We're home!

Right now I am the perfect combination of exhausted, emotional, joyful, uncertain and well. . . as I rocked my girlS tonight together in their matching PJ's all I could think is "my cup runneth over" so I guess just blessed!

We flew into Minneapolis around 11am and got home around 4 pm. Here are a few pics. Shannon got a whole lot more on her fancy camera. More later, right now I need to go to bed.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Funny Story

Yesterday we were going for a walk around the neighborhood and we were letting T just walk. She sees this black car parked along the side of the street and walks up to it very focused. I was very curious what she was going to do. Next she goes up to the car and kissed herself in the reflection. It was hilarious. Just one of the many amusing "T" stories. She's a goofball!

We heard from the agency we are working with here and ND needs one more piece of information, so we should here today that we can go home. Please pray that is so. It has been a wonderful experience staying here, but it will be good to get home too. Hope to see you all soon.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hello everyone, here are some more cute pictures. We are doing well. We are getting to know each other more and more each day and it really seems like we've known "T" for longer than 6 days. She's such a honey. She's the perfect combination of busy and cuddly.

We have been able to do some sightseeing. Yesterday we went to a really nice state park and today we went down town.

We can't say enough wonderful things about the foster home we are staying at. They are wonderful generous people.

It's starting to feel like we havn't been home for awhile. We talk to Jonah and Lydia every day, but we just can't wait to see all or our kids together! We got a message that our paperwork was sent to our home state on Thursday. That means over half way done. Now our state just has to clear.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


When I sit down to write on here, it's hard for me to narrow down exactly what to write, so I will just start rambling and see where it goes.

Yesterday- Mary (foster mom) drove us around downtown Atlanta. We also went to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and visitor's center. We saw the neighborhood where he grew up and where he's buried. It was an intense experience and let's just say that after this week MLKJ day will always mean something in our house. Then we went to a buffet and ate a late lunch." T" is like a celebrity where ever we go.

*Oh let me back up a bit. Because of the legal risk part of this adoption and b/c I"m feeling a little over protective we are not going to put her name on here. So we will just call her "T" from now on out.*

We also went to the clinic b/c she has a cold and we wanted to check to make sure she doesn't have an ear infection. She was a celebrity there too. One of the nurses even had to hug her good-bye. What a special little girl we have! Oh and her ears are fine, she is just getting 5 teeth! Youch!

Today, we just hung out all day. It has been a nice relaxing day so far. I had my first try and fixing kinky hair. It went Ok, we didn't do it all but we fixed a few of the ponies. And in honor of our anniversary tonight we are going to order from an authentic New York Italian resturant. No we're not in NY, but the lady who owns the resturant is. I can't believe we've been married 9 years! And I never thought we'd be across the country getting our 3rd baby! God is good!

Bet she makes you smile!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here she is!!!

"Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we can not see." Hebrews 11:1

This is what we have been hoping for and boy is she worth it! Such a honey and a goofball too! She likes teasing with her daddy already.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A big day!

Hi everyone!
We met our daughter today!! She is perfect and engaging and funny and smart and such a gift. It's not everyday that a girl has a birthday and gets a new mom and dad all in the same day. She let me put her to sleep tonight which was incredible. From the minute I saw her I can't even explain in words how I felt. Tonight I can't even put into the words the way I feel. I will put pictures on later, but for now I have to go to sleep so I can get up at 5:55 (4:55 our time) with our little early bird.

Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers. We have felt them for sure!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Why Adoption and What Do You Have To Do With It?

Hello everyone. I am Valerie’s sister-in-law and I am taking over her blog for a moment (with her approval, of course)
I think there are a lot of people who are following this blog to find out what will happen with this adoption. Some may have been through it themselves or know someone who has. Some, on the other hand, may be having a hard time understanding the process. And by process, I don’t mean the paperwork, legalities and such. I mean the process of how someone chooses or decides to adopt.
Here is my take on it: Adoption is much more than just a choice a couple makes. For believers, like Aaron and Valerie, this was a calling from God. God has been pressing adoption on Valerie’s heart for many, many years now. I remember when they were dating and I was just in high school. She talked about it way back then. When I think back to that time, I also remember something very interesting:
It was cheerleading tryouts. Valerie was a Junior and I was just a little 7th grader. She hadn’t started dating my brother yet so I didn’t know who she was. I was new in town. And out of nowhere, this big-time, really cool varsity cheerleader came and talked to me. Taked to me, the new girl! She was so warm and welcoming and made me feel right at home in this new town. That really is one of her unique gifts.
Let me tell you, this “calling” from God is no cake-walk. This has been a challenging and heart-wrenching process for Aaron and Valerie. So why would someone choose to do something that is so challenging? Why take all the risks and have all the unknowns? The bottom line is this: God called them and they have obediently answered. They have looked beyond themselves and decided to bring a child into their family who would not otherwise have the chance for a safe,loving home. God gave Valerie the gift of hospitality and we all know Aaron has the gift of humor. Together they are using their gifts to welcome this precious little girl into their home, their family and their hearts.
Now, how do you and I fit into this equation? And why would you want to fit into this equation? Well, not only has this been challenging emotionally, but this process is a huge financial commitment. How does a family who lives a humble life move forward with a call from God when they don’t necessarily have the funds to cover it? What they do, is they continue to trust that God will provide the funds. But how does God provide the tangible funds? He does that through his people. He tugs just a little on their hearts. He gets them to consider what a difference their little contribution could make in life of tiny little girl just waiting for her forever family. He does it through those who are willing to give a little of themselves to support something bigger.
If you feel like God is tugging at your heart-strings to donate to this family’s adoption, there is a special fund set up at their local bank.
Send a check to:
Choice Financial Group
Attn: Eddie
210 Sheyenne St.
West Fargo, ND 58078
Write: Stevenson Adoption Fund on the memo line of the check.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on this. Thank you for considering being a part of this beautiful story.
Sincerely, Shannon

Thursday, September 11, 2008


WE ARE LEAVING TUESDAY TO GO GET A LITTLE GIRL!!!!! If you can't tell this is me being excited. The last 2 days have been a whirlwind and a fog. Aaron booked the airline tickets last night and we will be on our way! She will be one on Tuesday so we will meet her on her birthday and get to be at her birthday party (It's going to be an Elmo party)! God is so good he knows exactly how everything is suppose to work out and has it under control. I never knew I would feel like this or that I could feel like this. You can't really put it in words. It's just that God's will is a great place to be.

I talked to the foster mom yesterday and she is incredible! She told me all about her. She sounds just great and I just can't wait to meet her! Before Tuesday I have a 1000 things to do so I have to keep this short but can you please pray:

*Pray for an easy transition, that she will feel comfortable with us. I really don't know what to expect so my prayer has been, "Jesus please prepare us for anything!"

*Pray for Jonah and Lydia and our extended family that will be taking care of them while we are gone.

*And our ongoing prayer will be that the Lord let's us keep her. There is and extra legal risk component to this adoption we just need to keep surrendering to God.

I am bursting with excitement and running on adrenaline. Gotta run. I'll let you know more later.

Thanks for praying!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

1st day of preschool

Friday was Lydie's 1st day of preschool. She' s in the afternoon class. She was so excited she wore her backpack on from 9:30 until we left to go out for lunch before class. When I picked her up she said her favorite part of preschool was cutting out the little fish. I just can't believe how big she's getting!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed. John 20:19

How important it is for God to keep us focused on things that are unseen, for we are so easily snared by the things we can see! If Peter was ever going to walk on the water, he had to walk but if he was going to swim to Jesus, he had to swim. He could not do both. If a bird is going to fly, it must stay away from the fences and trees, trusting the buoyancy of its wings. And if its tries to stay within easy reach of the ground, it will never fly very well.

God had to bring Abraham to the end of his own strength and let him see that with his own body he could do nothing. . .He looked away from himself and trusted only God, he became "fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised" (Rom 4:21)

This is what God is teaching us, and He has to keep results that are encouraging away from us until we learn to trust Him without them. Then He loves to make His Word as real to us in actuality as it is in our faith. A.B. Simpson

taken from Streams in the Desert

I know I haven't written much lately about our adoption and the truth is there is not much to write. Our profiles are out and we are simply waiting. . . waiting on the unknown and unseen . . . waiting on the call that will change our lives. . . waiting and believing with great anticipation for the baby that is meant to be ours. . . waiting on God. And in that waiting God is teaching us, I'm so thankful for His teaching. Here is what He taught me yesterday out of a devotional I'm reading. (Thanks for the recommendation Laura:).

Monday, August 25, 2008


I've always said that the start of the school year is more like a "new year" than Jan 1st for us. Today was the boy's first day of school. I start tomorrow and Lydie starts daycare tomorrow and preschool next week. I just love the first day of school the butterflies, the excitement, the new backpacks. It's the best! ( I know I'm cheezy!)

Daddy and Jonah posing pretty for the first day of school. Daddy was more sappy than me.
"I don't know how to open it?"

"Got it"
And just so Lydie's not left out she posed with her favorite book. 

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The last week of summer

 The kids and I made a list of the things we wanted to do the last week of summer and I had big plans of documenting it by taking a picture each day to share with each of  you, Well that didn't happen. But if I did have a camera I would have taken a picture of all these things.

Monday: Jonah playing Bocce Ball and beating his mom and dad. 
Tuesday: We had a most excellent trip to the zoo. I would've taken pictures of the Asian deer in the water, the baby wolves, and the crane named Stanley that was very interactive and made Lydie giggle and giggle. 

Wednesday: I would have taken a picture of bike ride to the park and our nature walk, complete with "Nature bracelets"

**** take wide masking tape and wrap it around each wrist (sticky side out ) and have the kids walk around the park finding things that God created. It was great to talk about the bracelets and see how beautiful they turned out. We even found feathers to put on them! Hmmm, maybe I am ready for school to start.

Oh and I would 've taken pictures of a botched paint job in my kitchen, dining room. It was bad. . . very bad. And all the cute paint boy's fault. A very long story, that will maybe post another day, if any of you who I haven't told the story to already, inquire about it. 

Thursday: I would have taken pictures of a fun swimming trip to my friends house.  And I Jonah at back to school night, meeting his teacher for the very first time! 

Friday: I would have taken pictures of our bike ride, in the rain, to the post office,  to send Jessie and Bjorn a package and a trip to Scheels that was SOOOO fun. ( It was the waterfowl festival and we got to watch the hunting dogs jump in the water and we got lots of fee stuff.) Uncle Jason will be glad to know both J and L have duck calls now. 

And finally today: I had my camera, YEAH! It was Bean Days in Horace and these are a few pictures from this morning.

Blayke, Lydie, and Jonah waiting for candy at the parade.
Posing after getting  their face painted.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I have been concocting  a blog in my head for the last 3 days about the end of summer and the beginning of the school year. The bottom line is I'm very reflective this time of year. I look back at this summer and I am soooo thankful for all it was. 

It wasn't exactly what we thought it would be, but it was so great just the same. In fact,  I found Jonah's list we made together in June of all the things he wanted to do this summer ( I know start them early with lists). We were able to cross them all off. We went camping, fishing, to the park, took bike rides, slept in the tent, stayed at the farm, played basketball, went to Bible school, went to Jessie's, went to the zoo, went swimming, and played ( alot!). . . WHEW it makes me tired just thinking about it. But, really there is just something about summer we have more time to get to know each other better doing activities that we don't get to do the other 9 months of the year. I love summer! 

Having said that, I look forward to the school year. I'm praying the transition goes well for everyone. I'm excited to see what the school year will be for each of us. It is an exciting time of year! Now,  just in case you ever wondered. . .

Today, we were on the way to a friends house to go swimming and Jonah and Lydia are talking about swimming underwater. 
Jonah asks, " Why can't we breath under water?" 
Lydia says," I don't know."
 Jonah then continues  "Do you think we will be able to breath under water in heaven ?"
He then concludes, "Yep, we must be able to breath under water in heaven because you can't die in heaven."

The things kids think of. 

Saturday, August 16, 2008

This world

 Have you ever had one of those moments when you knew that God put your children in your life to teach you something big. So much of parenting is training and praying and teaching them to do what is right. Then all of a sudden a moment happens and you have this light bulb moment where God teaches you this big concept in just a few seconds. Ok now that I"ve build it up I hope I can write this in a way that you can understand the bigness of it. 

It happened last week when we were on our trip to the North Shore. We had spent two days walking in the woods, throwing rocks in babbling brooks, seeing loud, rushing water falls and being in awe of the giant, blue lake. I remember we were rock hopping through the falls and Lydia said "I like this world" Then later when were wading in the cold water looking for pretty rocks. She said  "Mommy, I love this world" The girl was having a blast and I thought it was cute how she equated this "this place" as a whole new world because she had never seen anything like it. Then as were ending our exploring for one evening we were walking across a rocky beach and Lydia slipped and scraped her foot, her response was a wailing "OOWWWIEE" followed by a disgusted" I hate this world."

In that moment, God laid this huge truth in my head and on my heart and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. So here's the lesson. How many times in my life when everything around me is beautiful, the people, the scenery,  the activities. And when I slip and "fall on the rocks" or one little thing doesn't go right I jump into "I hate this world" I don't like the things around me and I let that be the center of my thoughts instead of the beauty and blessings around me.  So from now on when something doesn't go right I"m going to try to focus on the beauty and blessings around me. Thanks for letting me share what God has been teaching me. 

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're baaaack!!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I forgot to write on here that we were taking a little trip. We got back last night.  We were blessed with great weather and as always the scenery was gorgeous. There's nothing like waterfalls and a giant lake to remind my of God's greatness. And there's just something about camping, and vacation to bring you together as a family it's a different kind of bonding that I"m thankful for.  

Rock hopping was definitely one of the favorite activities of the trip.
I really like this picture! It sort of captured one of those "I love this!" moments. 

In a cave by Gooseberry Falls
Hunting for rocks in the big cold lake!