Sunday, December 14, 2008

What do you do on your storm day ???

So we are in our first real blizzard for the winter of 08-09. There is just something about not being able to go anywhere that is just comforting. I love storm days and it reminds me to thanks God for my nice warm house. Here's what we do on storms day.

Gymnastics off the couch --- T says this one is "10"!

Blowing snow
frosting Christmas cookies.

read some books
it was a good day!


Mama Misty said...

I think you forgot to mention planning your getaway with old friends! We should chat today--there are over 200 schools closed/late start in SD today. It's not too bad here but really chilly & just right for chili and hot chocolate!

Love your pictures and creative ideas for indoor play. I would only add the dogpile and watch as many Christmas movies and popcorn as ya can!! Love ya!!! Misty

Anonymous said...

It looks like a fun day. I had the morning off (because NDSU closed for the morning) so I was able to help dig out, workout, clean up a bit, and had a chance to rest a bit before cleaning up text and having a phone meeting. Hope we get to see y'all (that's for T) at Christmas.
-Cassie T