Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For our Georgia friends

Today I was going to post a collage of pictures from Christmas, but we got a very fun package in the mail today and I couldn't resist putting this on here. We also got a new camera that takes pretty good video that helps too. I couldn't get them to move around so please click the video on the bottom first and it will make more sense. And don't forget to scroll down and pause the music on the bottom of the blog.
John, Mary, Laura and Carol- Thank you so much for all the fun gifts, I hope this makes you smile.


Theresa said...

I seriously love that doll. I think I have to get one for Maya.

Nicole Anderson said...

Oh for sweet! What a wonderful connection you have made for a lifetime! I love when Lydia asks when she can go there!

HOME...the most important place on earth said...

Her swimming baby and our swimming puppy could get together and have lots of fun in the tub! Super cute video!

Anonymous said...

That's just incredibly cute.

-Cassie T