Thursday, January 31, 2008

My very first post

Anyone who knows me, knows I have to give a lot of thought before starting something new. I'm what some may call cautious. Well, I've given a lot of thought to starting this blog. I have been hooked lurking on other peoples blog for a couple of months now and decided the time is right so here it is. It's kind of wierd sitting here writing to all of you not really knowing who will read it or what they will think. The initial purpose of this blog is to enlighten and inform you on a very big happening in our life and that is the journey of adoption. God put it on our hearts some time ago and it's been quite a journey already. But I don't think I'll go into those details tonight. Instead I"m going to talk about the name of the blog. I wanted something meaningful and relevant and a season of hope was born. The season we're in right now is the dead of winter and it has been horribly cold where I live and well we all need a little hope. And my sweet little 6 month old nephew had open heart surgery yesterday, we prayed a lot and hope was and is certainly something we are all hanging on to for him. Currently he's stable and doing well. Hope is something we don't always think about but really need to hang on to, tonight during my quiet time I found the verse in Ephesians that talks about confident hope, and so here it is a Season of Hope. Will you join me?