Thursday, December 11, 2008

Trying to get in the sprirt.

Ok I must be getting old because Christmas is totally sneaking up on me this year. I love Christmas and all the good food and pretty lights and time with family, but this year I"m a little bit in denial that it's really the middle of December. Anyway, we have been a bit sick with colds around here and just a few days down seems to keep you about 5 days behind. Maybe that's how the middle of December snuck up on me. Anyway, here are some things that happened this week that helped me get in spirit of Christmas.

*The first real snow for this area and I got to watch a certain Georgia peach have her first experience with snow. She loves her new light up snow boots and loved stomping in the snow. Then we were trying to walk on the sidewalk she stops and was very determined. I soon found she not only wanted to stomp in it but needed to put her hands in it. Luckily she had her nice warm mittens on.

*The kids bringing home Christmas ornaments from school.

*Watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special. I don't know the official name, because there are a few but it's the "real" one where they actually read the Christmas story from the Bible. I love that!

*Listening to little kids hide out in their room being soooo sneeky only to find them very lovingly playing with my nativity set. It is now J and L's favorite toy and the angel made it's way on top of L's bulletin board to watch over her.

So what has helped you get in the Christmas spirirt this year?


Anonymous said...

This year we had more time to decorate (last year we were still unpacking from out move), so with Christmas music in the background we got the nativity set up, the tree up, lights and garland that looks like branches on the banister, and we actually have lights outside. We also had a chance to get our shopping done early, so once I get a chance to wrap those presents it will look very christmas-y around here. The snow helps and the baking I did for a hospital bake sale also helped.
-Cassie T

Mama Misty said...

I agree, baking & snow & lights up on the house help me get the feeling. Also watching all the Christmas specials on TV that we watched when kids helps me get the spirit...not to mention the 5 running around here asking about presents & Christmas daily.

On a sidenote, kids trying to experience the tree decorations...that does not help so much to be in the spirit...

Larissa said...

music and worship are the best for me, along with Christmas specials and popcorn. i totally get ya on the Christmas-sneaking-up thing. i've decided that it's okay if there are less decorations and slice-n-bake cookies if that's the trade-off for our third beauty!