Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Through our adoption journey, God has blessed us with many people along the way who have been there for us exactly at the time when we needed them, and some even some when we didn't even know we needed them. God always amazes me with his timing! Anyway get to the point ... I need each of you reading this to check out my friend Nicole's silent auction over at her blog.

She is an amazing women and the adoptive mom of 3 princes from Africa. She is raising money for a very special children's home in South Africa (where one of her sweet boys stayed).

Please check it out. There are some awesome items and all the proceeds go to the children's home.

Please, please, please check it out. It's done on Friday.

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Angel Larsen said...

Thanks for you kind note on my blog! Right now the best things I need is "keep going, and get it done" encouragement. I want the dossier to be complete so that we can just sit back and wait.