Wednesday, October 15, 2008

God is good!

Right now high in the sky, I have a dear friend who is bring in her baby girl home. I can't stop thinking about them and the journey they have been on to get her. (And I don't mean the 4 day stay in the south). My prayers go out to them that they will travel safe and then that they will transition "safe":) With the miracle of adoption so fresh in our house, I just can't help but tear up when I think about the first time she will carry that sweet baby into her house, the first time her other children will meet their new sister and the first time she cries for her mama. Whenever a family adds a member it is special and changing, but I can now say with adoption there is an added dynamic. It's hard to explain in words but it is there.

I pray for my friend today and the fresh emotions adoption brings. I thank God today for her and the faithfulness she has showed me on this journey called adoption with. What a blessing! I can't wait for the day when I can post a picture of us and the babies we prayed for, for so long! God is good!


Lyz said...

They are bringing her home already! Yay!

Oh, we have some fun potlucks coming up....:)

Tengesdal 4 said...

Hi Valerie,
I read this and thought of you right away!! :)

Tengesdal 4 said...