Tuesday, November 11, 2008

check it out

Just in case you want a sneak peak of some beautiful pictures, check Susie B's blog.


Mama Misty said...


They are such great photos, how on earth will you pick? And J & L look amazing as well. Such a sharp looking crew :) Hope your first week back is going well...I was stuck at home with everyone today, school was cancelled due to an ice storm (yippee! can you feel the sarcasm in that comment??) Talk to you soon, Misty

ps the word verification is biesse..Hmmm

Wildlifewife said...

You were right sis, I am a little jealous! The pics turned out awesome. You are truly blessed with beautiful children. I call dibs on the one of T in the rocking chair...no the first b/w one...no the one with the tu-tu where she is holding the wand...no one in the bucket...:)

Oh and if you are looking for advice I think you should use the black and white one of all the kids outside for you Christmas card.

Anonymous said...

Wow, do I have cute grandkids!!!
Hope today is going well for all of you on your new schedule.

Love you - Mom

Shannon Joy said...

These were awesome! I'm praying for T today!

Laura Lu said...

toooo cute!!!