Saturday, November 15, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Nicole to tell you 6 quirky things about me. Quirky is such a hard word, so I"ll just go  for it and maybe some of you will learn something about me you never knew before. The rest of you will just nod in agreement. 

1. I almost always leave the last swallow in the glass of whatever I'm drinking. I"m not sure why, but It has driven those I live with (past and present) crazy.

2. Whenever I'm driving down the road and I meet a motorcycle coming toward me I have this irrational fear that I am going to lose control of my vehicle and run into the poor sap on the motorcycle and send him flying into the air. 

3.I have always wanted to be a cowgirl. Now, to some of you, you may think I was a cowgirl because I grew up on a farm and we raised cattle, but we never had horses. Even though I always wanted a horse and do all the cool cowgirl things like ride a horse, rope calves and all of that. But,  my dad always said "no". poor, poor Valerie.

4. I love, love, love to talk on the phone. It's how I get my dishes done, my kitchen cleaned, my problems solved. 

5. I always have something to say. (This was the quirk my husband wanted me to add) But it's true, wether good or bad I love to visit and share my opinion, sometimes complain but most of the time hopefully be an encouragement.

6. Some women have a shoe fetish or have to buy a purse every time they go into a store. My weakness when it's comes to shopping is . . .  are ready. . . wait for it. . . SCHOOL SUPPLIES! I have been known many times to buy all kinds of school supplies that I do not need or can not think of a need for. It's just when those cute little cardboard bins come out with all the latest pens, pencil, notebooks I just can't help myself. 

And so just for fun I am going to tag Shannon and find out what her 6 quirky things are, and find out if I can learn anything new about my favorite sister-in-law!


Shannon Joy said...

Valerie-this is really funny. i really did learn new stuff about you! even though, like we talked about the other day, we have known each other since I was 12-that's 15 years!!!! i love that you can't help yourself with school supplies and i personally think you are a cowgirl-it's just in your spirit! :) thanks for tagging me, this will be fun!

Nicole Anderson said...

Thanks for doing this! I think we are a lot alike! I do not drink the last sip of milk either. My has always been driven crazy by this, and school supplies. You should see the "big box downstairs". Yep, I have the same obsession!

Mama Misty said...

There is just something to the school supplies! I have to share that obsession. Although now that I have kids, and some in school it's not quite as odd as I thought it to be. I know someone who says there's just something about the smell of pencils and erasers that's hard to let go of once you don't have to buy them for your own schooling anymore. So it's always nice to have a stash somewhere!!

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog...yes, we need to get together sometime soon!!! Well I suppose I should boogie I have some homework to check. Yay math...

Tengesdal 4 said...

Oh Valerie- #3 hits so close to home!! Does this mean that we are scarring poor Simon forever since it is almost his bday and yet ANOTHER year will go by without him receiving a horse?? Hee hee! :)

Anonymous said...

Valerie, We definately share 4 & 5. I LOVE to talk on the phone and always have an opinion. Glen says I should say " I have No opinion", HA :) but I do and I love to share it with whoever!! Hope to see you over Christmas vac. Love you Penny