Saturday, November 1, 2008

Well, we were blessed with fun friends and nice weather for trick-or-treating. We walked around our block and showed off our costumes. The neighbors were all out and everyone had a great time visiting one of the last times before we all go into hibernation for the winter.

"T" the duck

Jonah the knight

And Liddybell

Our cousin cowboy Leighton and Horse Maverick came to get some candy too!


Tengesdal 4 said...

Fun! Fun! They all looked great!

Mama Misty said...

Everyone looks so cute! I had to giggle that you gave Lidybell a name; we had a little Stinkerbell here last night! :)

Hey how cool a real word for my verification tonight: pasta!!

Anonymous said...

I can't help but comment, they are all adorable! What fun ages your kids are! What fun parents you are! Enjoy each day, you all grow up toooo soon!


Nana's Notes said...

oh, if Simon had seen this picture, I just feel so sorry for poor Lacy...She wouldn't have been the same. He would have found a saddle AND a bridle.

Everyone looks so happy.