Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Funny Story

Yesterday we were going for a walk around the neighborhood and we were letting T just walk. She sees this black car parked along the side of the street and walks up to it very focused. I was very curious what she was going to do. Next she goes up to the car and kissed herself in the reflection. It was hilarious. Just one of the many amusing "T" stories. She's a goofball!

We heard from the agency we are working with here and ND needs one more piece of information, so we should here today that we can go home. Please pray that is so. It has been a wonderful experience staying here, but it will be good to get home too. Hope to see you all soon.


Shannon Joy said...

We are praying for a safe and peaceful flight for the three of you. Can't wait to see you!

Laura said...

Too CUTE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

All your stories confirm she is with the right family!!! See u soon. Love u Penny

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic! It sounds like she fits right in. Travel safe.
-Cassie T