Thursday, June 5, 2008


Well, I made it. My last day of school was today. After a week full of catching up with friends before the summer and tieing up lose ends at school. It's done! YEAH. I feel like I can take a deep breath and now just concentrate on spending great summer time with Jonah and Lydia getting ready for this baby. I haven't written much on her lately about adoption, even though it is NEVER far from my mind. I feel like I'm suppose to be getting all of this stuff ready, but not really sure what I"m suppose to do. Do I paint my kitchen or not paint my kitchen? Do I start cleaning out cupboards for the summer or concentrate my time spending LOTS of time with Jonah and Lydia to make up for when I'm gone. Decisions-decisions. . . I guess  I'm truly is the "nesting" phase and just want to make the most of my time!

Nothing is really new as far as the adoption which is a good thing. We get an informal update once a week. Everything seems to be going as expected and the birth mom is doing well and as of June 16th she will be  36 weeks. I'm remember that being is considered "full term" so I am very excited that she's almost there. It's so weird thinking about the summer and how it will all play out. I very excited for this adventure.  I know God has big plans. If you think of it, here are some the things you could pray for:

* Raising money to help cover the cost of the adoption and living in Alabama for 2 weeks.
* Pray for a healthy delivery, healthy baby and for strength for the birthmom.
* Pray God starts preparing Jonah and Lydia for a new baby, and the time we'll spend apart.
* Pray for timing, not really sure what timing, but it looks like this sweet baby girl could be born smack in the middle of Aaron's fireworks season, so he may have to leave us down there for awhile, depending upon when she's born. Pray for peace in his heart. 

I think that's all for now, thanks for checking up on us, and don't forget to leave a note now and then, so I know your out there. 


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Hey there,
You guys were on my heart all day yesterday so I prayed a lot for all these requests!

Erhardts said...

love you and praying for you!