Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Adoption Central

Now that school is done and we officially did our camping trip for the summer, (we went last weekend and had a blast! I'll try to get some pictures on later) if feels like it has been adoption central, in my mind anyway! Today I sent out 75 letters for asking people to support us with thier prayers.  I have been thinking about doing this since February, but I think I was just too proud. God just kept reminding me to do it. So with some  inspiration from some people who've been in our shoes, and some encouragement from some great friends to go for it,  I wrote the letter while we were camping. ( A very cool God story , maybe for another post). We are also getting ready for a garage sale this weekend at some friends of ours.  I knew she was having a sale but she told me last week that it was for our adoption. I'm so humbled and grateful! So we have been trying to clean out and I will be up very late tagging items!

Please pray that lots of people will come and we make a few bucks! 

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Anonymous said...

Hi hon!! Been thinking about you lots lately, can't believe that baby is going to be born ALREADY!! WOW!! Praying all will go extremely awesome at the garage sale and that you will see how great of a blessing you are to others. Get ready, I think your socks are about to be knocked off my friend. Love you!!