Monday, March 2, 2009

Going on a trip

There are days, this girl is to blame for the gray hair on my head and then there are moments like this . . .

I was doing the dishes and Lydia says, “Mom, I’m going on a trip.” I turned around and saw this.

Complete with Barbie laptop in hand she begins to explain to me that she is going to Georgia for a job.

“What kind of job? “ I asked ( Sure she was going to say a dentist because for the last 2 weeks she has said she wants to be a dentist, thanks to the dentist visiting preschool.)

“Nope.” she explained “I”m going to be a social worker just like Lindsey (our social worker) and I’m going to Georgia to find homes for all the babies there who don’t have a home.

I love this kid!


Nicole Anderson said...

What a sweet girl! Worth every gray hair!

Mama Misty said...


Now that melts my heart :) Great thing to see first thing in the morning. Miss you all!

Oh, and here's a great word verification....


Now that's funny.

Heather said...

Pure sweetness - I love how her mommy's heart is influencing her life. : )

Shannon Joy said...

Oh, now that is just darn sweet. You tell my girl that her social worker auntie is very proud of her! :)