Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I love baby calves

On days like today in this neck of the woods everyone is thinking about the flood and the crazy weather. It is affecting everyone everywhere in some sort of way. Even if it's not your house that needs sandbags, roads are closed, there are alot more big trucks on the roads and it is all over the news. It's on everyone's minds. Well, today I decided I"d share with all of you something simple that makes me smile. We were at my sister's and my parent's farm last weekend and calving season has just begun. Calving season is one of my favorite memories as a little girl. It feeds my cowgirl fettish and here are a few pictures of some baby cows and cute kids.

T's 1st calving season, at first she was a little cautious but within 10 minutes she was walking right up to the little calves and trying to pet them. What I like about these pictures is my mom is in the pictures of her seeing her first baby calves. My other kids, it was all about Papa but not sweet T she's with Grandma!

The "big kids"

I remember when Jonah was just a little one year old toddling behind the little calves, now he's such a natural.

Auntie Jessie, cousin B and just a little cuddling before bed time.


Emily said...

Hey Valerie! Cute pictures. What a fun thing to do with your kids. Thought I would post this comment, so you have my blog address :-)

Tengesdal 4 said...

I love these pictures!!! I love baby calves too :)

Nicole Anderson said...

Thanks for sharing something so sweet! Just what I needed tonight!

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful. Many of us do need a few smiles right now. Thanks.
-Cassie T

Larissa said...

this is so completely foreign to me...i've never met a calf, or even heard of "calving season." how beautiful. thanks for sharing it! it makes me want to be more of a rural gal. :)