Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cute Cousins and Nifty high heals

We have the chance to babysit our sweet cousin Leighton while his mommy and daddy are taking a class at church on Wednesday nights. It's so fun to get to know him as a big boy. Here are some fun pics of him and the girls. Oh and Aaron says GO BISON! (They won the big game tonight)

Now, for some silliness. . .

Now when you saw this title you were thinking it was going to be a picture of one my girls in high heals. Oh no, Jonah thought it would be very inventive to wear my heals when he washed the dishes so he could reach the sink instead of using the stool.

He kept saying, “These high heels are sooo nifty!” “They’re my nifty high heels!” Then he got all wet and had to take off his shirt and so you have this

After goofing off like a pro for the camera he said, “Mom, and don’t put this on the blog!”

SHHHHH it will be our little secret!


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!
-Cassie T

Mama Misty said...

Love it!

And you need to save this for the big "graduation slideshow" when he's like oh, 18. Or show it to his girlfriends when they come over. Yeap. He's gonna love that!!

Lyz said...

Oh yes. That has "senior slideshow" written all over it!

four kids for us said...

I am so glad that you found my blog. Your family is very much like ours and I love the support I find in blogging. It is such a blessing! I would love to follow your story and add you to my blogroll if that is alright?