Friday, March 27, 2009

Pray, Pray, Pray!!!

Let me start by saying we are safe. I don't think we will get water, we are high enough and have the protection of the diversion. They keep saying West Fargo is Ok, we are holding on to that.

The Red River has now broke it's record it is the highest it's been since 1897. There are many neighborhoods under evacuation, the hospital and many nursing homes have evacuated. We've talked to some of our friends who are leaving today. Aaron had kids at school yesterday who already lost their homes who lived north of town. Aaron and I went to sandbag last night. I could go thanks to my sweet neighbor girl Bailey.

What an experience . . . hundreds and hundreds of people lined up in 18 degrees of wind and cold smiling and joking like old friends. A warm church full of muddy, sandy, frozen people. Strangers serving warm food with a smile. This scene has been duplicated up and down the valley on both sides of the river. The whole thing is crazy and scary. It makes me feel emotional and proud to live where so many people would come out to help their neighbor. It makes me feel sacred for so many people who have lost and will lose their homes. And today with travel restrictions all over the valley what is there left to do??? PRAY.

Pray for all of the city and county workers who continue to work around the clock, the truck drivers, bobcat drivers, sandbag throwers, food makers. Pray for the people that are having to leave thier homes behind. Pray for strength and endurance for this flood fight!

Here is a website of a local photographer who has some good pictures.

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Tengesdal 4 said...

V- I can only imagine how God used you in that line-up! He has gifted you with the ability to make friends with total strangers and to warm them with your smile. I am thankful that you had a chance to go out and be used by Him. Praying for everyone back there~