Sunday, February 22, 2009

The smell of new playdough

I have nothing greatly profound to write today except I love the smell of new playdough. It brings back great memories. I could just get high off the stuff. Today thanks to some Valentine's Day money the kids got from the grandma's we now have new playdough! It sure was fun making cookies and our names!

T loves play dough too!

This is Jonah making his and I quote "cool face."


Jane said...

I personally love the way Play doh tastes. Here is my rank order of the best to worst tasting play dohs.
1-peanutbutter playdoh
2-home made recipe with the salt and cream of tartar
3- Playdoh brand play doh

And the yuckiest...Rose Art Play doh.

Shannon Joy said...

this is a great post! but lydie looks so old in the 1st picture it makes me kinda sad that she is getting so big! very cute pictures though! leighton loved yelling out their names when i showed him the pictures!

Larissa said...

i LOVE the look T is giving big brother in the last picture. so funny!

Mama Misty said...

Love it!

There is something about that smell...

And the mess :)

Anonymous said...

Hi There - it's actually me! I was just thinking of you and thought I would get a smile from your pictures. I know this has nothing to do with playdough, but I was driving in the van the other day and the song The Joker by the Steve Miller Band came on and I couldn't help but sing it at the top of my lungs with a huge smile and think of you and our HS days, not to mention the 57 Chevy!! Thanks for all the memories and the smiles!! I hope you got as big of a smile as I did. Miss you much!! Love, Kristi

steffany said...

Playdough rocks!

John said...

It is so great to hear T talking! Thanks for calling as it was great to hear from you. Hope spring gets to Fargo soon as it is here in Atlanta! Our prayers continue for the custody ruling!