Sunday, February 10, 2008

Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
Proverbs 3:5

We had the privaledge of hosting my nephew Baby B and his mommy and daddy this weekend. They made to our house from Rochester around 6pm Friday and then due to the blizzard stayed an extra night. Being around Bjorn this weekend made me think a lot about trust. For the last 9 days anyone who was an adult and not his mommy or daddy caused some sort of discomfort to his life. Those of us who are "big people" he had a really hard time trusting, finally by last night (24 hours after they got here) he could look at me without wailing. The poor kid has trust issues right now in his little life and rightfully so. We did have fun reading books and pushing him around in the stroller, we must have walked mile up and down the hallway.

Anyway, Bjorn got me thinking about trust, and how it plays in my life, do I trust as much as I should. I relate it to God and the trust we need to live everyday in him. When I think of things I need to get done, or tough decisions ahead ( anyone who knows me, knows that most decisions are tough for me ) I think my first reaction is to worry. Trusting feels much better than worrying, and even the Bible says we're suppose to trust, so why is it so hard? I guess this week, thanks to Bjorn I"m going to try and trust God, just like he trusts his mommy, and try having that picture in my head all week instead of the worry I tend to resort to. There's my insight for the weekend.

I started writing the info for our adoption profile last night, sometimes I put off starting big important things, because I want it to be sooo perfect. I need to get over that and just get it done. So if any of you out there have an profile writing advice or just plain wise advise I'll take it. Bye for now.

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