Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Random thoughts. . .

Adoption: I started thinking that if this is going to be an account of our adoption process I should write down the details. On Saturday I sent our social worker the first packet of stuff including our finger print cards and other odds and ends she needs for the the homestudy update. Next, we need to put together our profile (it's kind of mini-scrapbook of us).

Bjorn: My sweet 6 month old nephew who had open hear surgery is doing very well. (Praise Jesus!) He got off the ventilator on Sunday and yesterday he drank 9oz. by bottle, today they took lots more tubes out and my sister got to hold him lots today!! I just pray he continues to make progress and get stronger every day. They were really pleased with how he was eating, and peeing and pooping. You know the high priorities after surgery! I just thank God for his little life, and what and example my sister and brother-in-law have been. So strong and faith-filled!

And last this blog: it make me ponder things greatly. I started thinking, so if i start writing my heart on here literally for the world to see, I really need to live what I write. It's kind of an accountability thing. Not really sure how I feel about this, but I've decided I"m just going to go with it and wait and see what happens.

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Uncle Jason said...

Don't worry sweety I'll hold you accountable! hahaha, sorry I couldnt resist that one! Anyway, this is my fist time on here and it is way cool, so keep writing and I will keep reading! Love ya