Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thank God for Saturdays!

Warning---I'm in a sappy cheezy mood! Today my heart is overflowing with joy. There are many things about this day that have been grand; below is just a quick list:

- I got to sleep in until 8:30
- I got to stay in my PJ's until noon
-I got to wander around Michael's all by myself and found a few good deals
- I got to listen to my nephew Leighton giggle and giggle
- I talked to my sister tonight and it sounds like my other nephew Bjorn is going to be taken off the ventilator tomorrow ( Dear Jesus, please let him have a good night so that this can happen, continue to heal him!)
-I got to listen to my 3 year old make up stories about Ariel and Prince Eric while she took a bath
-I got to dance with my super hero husband and kids in the kitchen while listening to Jack Johnson and doing the dishes!

"Life is Better When Were Together. . ." Thank you Jesus for the little moments in life when we feel truly blessed.


Anonymous said...

I think my goal for this weekend is to sleep until 7:00 and stay in my pj's until 7:30!! I am jealous of you!! At least you can enjoy and be thankful for little things in life (like sleeping until 8:30).

Anonymous said...

This blog puts me in a good mood! Love ya sister. Shanny.