Friday, February 1, 2008

Bringing You Up To Speed

For those of you who talk to us often, much of this won't be new news. However, for those of you who want to know a little about our adoption journey so far and where we are currently, here it is. hmmmm. . . how far back to do I start. Let's just say adoption has always been something close to my heart. There are some very special people in my life who are adopted. My super hero husband and I talked about adoption even before we were married, however I wasn't sure if i would continue to have the desire to adopt after I birthed children. When my youngest was about 18 months I had the baby bug again, but this time it was different and God was leading me toward adoption. I shared my thoughts with my husband and before long he shared my desire as much as I did. About one year ago we started the adoption process through a local agency. We were pursuing an adoption from Guatemala and we were very excited. The agency warned us Guatemala may be a risky choice because there was lots of political turmoil over adoption at the time. We continued on anyway. I dreamed about what our family would look like with a little Hispanic baby. We started our home study process, and NOTHING seemed to go as we planned. We had bump in the road after bump in the road. Although God kept confirming through His word, prayer and others that we were suppose to grow our family through adoption, it just felt like we weren't on the right road yet. We know now, that God was using those "bumps" to mold and shape us and truly trust him. In September (07) our home study was finally completed, YEAH one hurdle down. We chose a placement agency with a Guatemala program in July and then in October found out that Guatemala was not giving out new referrals any longer and that the country would be closed for international adoptions as of Jan 08. We were disappointed but not devastated. We took a couple months, talked about our options, prayed through it and sought wise counsel. In November, we switched local agencies and decided to pursue a domestic minority adoption. We are very excited to be on this road, and feel like we are finally in the right place. We have completed our homestudy update and are working on the remaining paperwork before sending out our profile and information to some agencies in the southern US.

Although it's been crazy, I know the day is coming when I see the baby God had planned for our family all along. I thank God for his ultimate plan and trust that just as he's carried us through to this point, he will continue to carry us. I have hope for the future and for today.


Stepping Out of the Boat said...

Praise Him for the journey and how He guides us to where we need to be to meet the child He has chosen for us before the foundations of the earth were formed! I am so excited that He guided you to this route and can't wait to meet your precious one someday (soon hopefully)! :)

Not to mention then we can share all of our "colorful" tips with each other!

Valerie said...

Thanks again for the encouragement. You are great. I wanted to let you know we can't make it to the celebration tonight but thanks for thinking of us.