Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A wedding, a birthday and lots of fun.

Hey good lookin! Here is our nephew Bjorn at his 1st birthday party! He's doing great and has started walking! He's a great example of answered prayer. Thanks to all of you who followed his story and said a prayer for him during his heart surgery. He's doing great and doesn't have to go back to the doctor for 6 months. 
Here is my handsome boy as a professional ring bearer. He was very quick to announce to anyone who told him what a good job he did that this was his 4th time! The sweet little princess is my cousin Alexis. My cousin Mike got married on Friday night and we went to the event. It was a beautiful wedding and lots of fun. 

Best Buddies!
Since their siblings were in the wedding these two had a chance to all sorts of girl stuff together, including staying longer to swim in the hotel pool, try out the lip gloss and body glitter grandma bought them and just hang out. 

Celebrity Wedding
This picture really doesn't do it justice. But the decorations at this wedding were some of the most beautiful I've ever seen! We walked into the banquet hall and it really did feel like you were at a celebrity wedding. 

           The Happy Couple
No we weren't the ones getting married:) but it's fun every once and awhile to get dressed up and be reminded of the day when we commited our love to each other. Really I put this in here because we seldom take pictures of just the two of us and this one turned out pretty good. 

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