Saturday, July 5, 2008

Random Thoughts

I have been sitting here reading other blogs for about 45 minutes now and thinking I really should update my post, somtimes I just have trouble narrowing it down to one subject so I"m going to just update on random things going on.

*We are on our last day of fireworks season. It has been a successful season, even thought we haven't seen Aaron much. He managed two fireworks stores and for the last 8 days has been gone from 8:30 am to midnight. The stories that surround the fireworks season are always entertaining from the quite unique characters who come in to buy to the attempted robbery. Some kid tried to steal Aaron's ipod and our friend Kate ( who was working at the store) ran after him stuck her head in his pick-up window saying, "Give me the ipod back we know you have it?" First he denied it, then handed it over and said he was sorry!! Go Kate! You are either the bravest or most foolish girl I know! We'll go with bravest! I hope that boy was truly sorry and never tries to steal again.

*Jonah and Lydia have just great conversations. The other day I over heard them talking about moose and deer and cantaloupe. I soon realized Lydia was mixing up the orange melon with antelope. Uncle Jason will be glad to know he knows lots about four legged friends and melon.

*Jonah has really been trying to wrap his brain around this 4th of July thing. First he wanted to know how old America was. ( we came up with 232) Then he said he wanted to pray to God and sing happy birthday to American. I was trying to understand what he was getting at and he said "Well God made America so I don't want to leave him out!" That's my boy, always thinking.

*We enjoyed the 4th of july yesterday. We (minus Aaron) went out for lunch with Aaron's parents and his sister and then I went and helped him at the store, because he was a little short on help. I became a very good shelf stocker girl. I totally got into the role. Asking people if they had any questions and then usually having no real answers, but feeling very special in my role.

*Then after dark, once again our little town did not let us down. There were families shooting off fireworks EVERYWHERE. They went on for hours.  The weather was beautiful, the neighbors were all out. The kids were running around with sparklers it was really like a Norman Rockwell painting. Very fun.

Hope you had a fun and safe 4th. Bye for now. 


Anonymous said...

I love your 4th story! How fun. I wish I could be a stalker (oops stocker) girl sometimes!! Our 4th was pretty fun too, lots of time with the inlaws after our camping excursion. mother in law says we should make it our family tradition/holiday to spend together...but in my heart I was thinking that it was MY family tradition to be in Sanborn...watching the fireworks at my uncles house and having all the kids around saying "OOOh prettty one!!" Just like my mom used to, every year, for every firework!! But I guess if I have to watch the pyromaniac hubby build sparkler bombs then I guess I'll deal with that...Talk to you soon, Misty
Sorry so blogish. Maybe I should get my own...:)

Tengesdal 4 said...

I keep checking for updates... hopefully no updates mean you're having the best summer ever! I am sure that you are appreciating and cherishing all of the "big kid" time you're spending before you're back in the throes of babyhood! Enjoy!!

PS: I think Misty needs a blog- then I'd stalk her :)3

Anonymous said...


Just read Misty's comments and it reminded me of the centennial when we watched fireworks with Deb, and we Ooohhed and awed....

It really was a fun weekend wasn't it.

Love you,

Mama Misty said...

Ok I'll post on here, I've set a blog page too--Thanks Betsy! but there is nothing really interesting on it yet. address is:

Good talking to ya tonight, V!!