Saturday, April 19, 2008

Catch up

Ok it's been awhile. I"ve spent a little to much time reading other people's blogs and not much time updating. Lots of fun things have happened in the past 3 week. Most importantly spring is finally here! Yeah we were outside all day today. Here is a list of highlight from the past three weeks

* On the 5th we had a kid birthday party for Lydia, it was GREAT, no one got hurt, no one fought and it was a very calm party, pretty crazy for a bunch of 3-6 year olds! And no parents complained about the real goldfish that were sent home as party favors. What can I say we had a beach theme and fish go with beaches.

*We finished a round of swimming lessons. Both kids passed. Jonah was NOT impressed that his sister could pass. "But she's only 4!" "How can that be?" oooh and the sibling competition begins.

Last weekend we had lot of company. On Fridat night I had some girls over to scrapbook, it was a fun night. And on Saturday we had some friends visit . It was great to catch up with them.

Last week was very busy, too busy. But I had the opportunity to see my favorite author Roxanne Henke, speak at a women's event at a church in Moorhead. It was about friendship and recognizing the gifts God has for you. It made me feel so very thankful for the wonderful friends God as blessed me with . And Misty. . . write the book!

That brings me to today, Saturday, it was beautiful, I caught up with my neighbors, went for a long walk, fell esleep on the couch with Lydie and had great story time thanks to the Berstine Bear to end the night. And I was worried I wouldn't have anything to do this weekend. See Aaron's helping at a church event all weekend so we had nothing "planned". Here's to having nothing "planned!"

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