Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Princess Party

My sweet Lydia turned 5 years old on Wednesday and we had the kid party today. It was a princess/knight theme and it was very fun! The kids were so good and I think I had as much fun as they did. We slayed the dragon, pinned the heart on the princess, and made bravery necklaces just to name a few of the challenges we had to do to become knights and princesses. These are just a few of the pictures. Auntie Shannon has LOTS more on her camera I will try to share later.

or she will:)

She's kind of into taking pictures lately:)

Here is the castle cake I stayed up way too late decorating. ( It was worth it:)

Here is the birthday girl pretending she is the dragon!

The whole crazy bunch!

Instead of bringing presents, we asked the kids to bring some gently used clothing and simple toys for my friend to take to Mozambique, Africa. She is leaving the end of May to be a house mother there in an orphanage.

Here, we are learning where Mozambique is and about a little girl named Neddie who is 3 and lives at the orphanage. The kids were all so proud of what they brought to help the kids in Africa and I was so proud of my Lydie!

Here is what the kids collected.

Happy Birthday Sweet Lydie, we love you.


Nicole Anderson said...

Oh, yeah!! I was thinking about you and your party today! It looks like they had tons of fun! Way to go Lydia and friends! You did a fabulous job collecting all the great stuff for Nettie and her friends! You should be proud of yourselves!
Valerie, that cake is great! Yummy!

Anonymous said...


It looks like everyone had a great time. That cake is amazing!! What a great idea and so cool that the kids got into it so much. Talk to you soon.


Heather said...

So awesome - love the tub of clothes/toys - way to go Lydie in thinking of others!! Ok - cake was amazing friend and I'm sure it tasted good too. Just so you know, you plan GREAT parties and you might want to consider a side business someday. : ) Love you!

Theresa said...

Looks like a fabulous party! Great job on that cake! I may have to take lessons from you. Isn't it great that our children are learning how to be gracious and give to others? Your children are beautiful!

Lyz said...

That cake is gorgeous. Good job! I wish I could have escorted my own little princess...she was brimming with excitement when she got home!

No fish this year?:)

Valerie said...

I never know if anyone checks back when I comment on their comments. But I really do LOVE planning and doing 4-7 year old parties. They are my favorite age!!! I would LOVE to give any ideas to anyone wanting help.

Lyz- no fish this year.

Tengesdal 4 said...

Valerie- what an awesome cake & party! I'll be honest- seeing that tub of stuff that was gathered made me cry a little! What a beautiful heart Lydia has to be a part of GIVING on her birthday instead of GETTING! What an awesome lesson!

Sue said...

Happy birthday Lydia! Ella turns six on Wednesday. I love the tub of stuff. We did something similar for Josie's birthday and did food for the food pantry instead of gifts. You are a great mom Miss V.

Anonymous said...

Hey Valerie, looked like an awesome party, wish I could have made it! Next time!