Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's been a while. . .

I'm not sure what to post about tonight. It'been so long since I've been on here. There is less computer time when it's nice and warm outside!

*I could tell you about the fun weekend I had last weekend being rejuvenated while working on the farm with my dad. It's spring time and being there, tagging calves, pulling calves, walking in mud so deep you lose your boots, Ahhh it's so good for my soul.

*I could tell you about the wonderful Godly friends God has put in my life to meet with and pray with and be real with. We all need those moments. I love you dear friends, thanks for taking time out of your busy lives to spend time with me.

*I could tell you about how I spend ALL morning Friday, doing hair. Whew!!

*I could tell you about the great time the kids and I had with my cousins. There was some serious princess playing and fun outside going on.

I don't even have most of the pictures up from all of these on my computer but I DO have pictures that my dear sister-in-law Shannon left with me today. I'll leave this one with you. I call it "spring sunshine"


Shannon Joy said...

Yep....I love this photo Valerie! That expression is grrreat!

Larissa said...

LOVE this picture. What an angel.