Saturday, September 18, 2010

Look Who's 3!!!

I'm back and I think committed to doing a little more blogging. I didn't "plan" on talking a break for the summer, however, blogging had just begun to feel like work. Also, I started this blog in a season when God was teaching me all about hope through the adoption of our 3rd sweetpea. Since the adoption and adjustment phase is over this blog didn't have a purpose anymore. Well, after doing some searching, thinking and praying, I think I am ready to start this new season of blogging. Afterall everyone needs a little hope and a smile now and then and hopefully I can share just a drop of hope and encouragement to you through this blog. Enough babble, because I know you want to see the newest 3 year old in our house.

We had 2 parties. One last weekend camping at the lake and one last night with her favorite meal of spaghetti!


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Theresa said...

Welcome back to blogging and happy birthday to one of the most adorable little girls ever!