Monday, September 27, 2010


Part of my job is working with kids and families affected by ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). I probably shouldn’t say this but working with kids on the autism spectrum are my favorite. I love the way they see the world. They often noticie details you and I usually don’t, their blunt honesty makes me giggle and can be refreshing at times and there’s often a sensitivity I can’t really put into words, it’s just there. Well, today I was working with a delightful little fellow. He looked at me and said “Your necklace says believe.” (It’s a simple circle pennant with the word believe printed in it.) I replied,”Yep it does.” He then continued, “ That means you believe in God.”

Now the the next part I’m not sure why I went there I just did. I said “Well it could mean that or it could just mean I believe in Santa Claus or I believe in people, what do you think?” I guess I was just trying to figure out where he was coming from . Anyway, he paused from the game we were playing, looked at me with a simple, matter of fact face, and said “Nope, it means you believe in God.”

OK buddy you’re right I do believe in God, thanks for reminding me and yes that’s why I wear the necklace.

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Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!! Now I have a way to stay in touch with you. I had a funny Zach story and got to school then realized I couldn't tell you because you weren't there. I need your email address!! I think it's a good thing you are going to try blogging again. Stacy