Thursday, November 12, 2009

so simple so wonderful

I'm changing it up a little today. I'm going to talk a little bit about my job. I have many jobs you've heard about, wife, mother, friend, sister etc, but I have another job too. I have the privaledge of working with some of the most special little people on the planet. Four days a week, I work as an occupational therapist in a school system. I work with students in grades k-5 who have special needs. Well today something wonderful happened.

A little boy colored for the 1st time. A few great co-workers and I have been brainstorming for weeks on how we can get this little guy to color. We've tried adapted utensils, adapted writing surfaces, velcro, even a wiffle ball, nothing worked.

Now, you may be thinking how is that wonderful, kids color all of the time, well this is a very special little boy and the reason coloring is hard for him is because he doesn't have thumbs. Try doing just about anything without thumbs, it's very challenging. I had Jonah try brushing his teeth without using his thumbs, he gave up after about 10 seconds.

We made a crazy marker holder out of the top of milk jug and he did it. He colored- red, orange and blue-- in case your interested. The louder I cheered the more he colored. You can imagine I did everything short of standing on my head to keep him coloring. So there you have it --coloring--something so simple yet so wonderful.

It was my miracle for the day. It helped remind me why I do what I do and why God has me where he has me. It reminded me to look for the small miracles and the big ones (like coloring) in every day. I hope you saw a miracle in your day, and if you didn't just look around, you probably just missed it.


Nicole Anderson said...

Valerie, I can not even begin to tell you how wonderful you are at what you do! Your brain never stops, and you have such a passion. You are exactly what these kids need! Seeing this little boy color today, WAS a miracle! Thank you for ALL that you do! Hopefully, tomorrow will include lots of coloring! Your office will be covered in pictures!

Larissa said...

love this post. that is absolutely fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...

Very exciting!

-Cassie T

Shannon Joy said...


Anonymous said...

O Valerie....I sooooo understand the SIMPLE things can be the most exciting. I pray God will continue to give you the excitement for the special job you do. Love you Penny

Heather said...

small yet so big...thanks for sharing Valerie and I want you to know I sent you that e-mail tonight before I checked your blog and read this, no lie.
I am so glad for the way God is encouraging you in the place He has you! : )