Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We are in the full swing of summer, and wow it's hard to get on here to update, but I am finally done with school, YEAH! So I am rejoicing! Here are a few random photos of all the things we do to kick off summer. 

This young man started baseball. He gets to play with his buddy Mason. He loves it and is having fun.

This is Miss T showing me her ice cream hanging out on the deck the other night.

We made our annual trip to the zoo. It's our tradition to go the beginning of June to sort of kick off summer. The monkeys and baby otters were our favorites

Miss Lydia is now our soccer star. She just started and is loving it. She gets to play with her friends Abram and Addie.

We've also been doing a lot of planting and landscaping. Aaron got all of the rock and pavers down around the deck and I have been planting my little heart out. I love flowers have decided I am now done. So I better not go into anymore of those cute little green houses or I'll be home with a few more. This little creation is now decorating my deck. 

And last but not least the puppet theatre. Aaron brought it home the other day and at any given moment I have from 1 to 7 kids on my deck putting on a show. The stories are great and listening to the giggles and imagination are even better.  It's amazing how some pieces of wood and a couple pieces of fabric and a few old socks with wiggly eyes glues on  can entertain for hours. 

I hope you are doing your own fun things to kick off summer! 


Shannon Joy said...

Valerie-this was such a fun post to read! I feel like I can say I have had a fun summer now just by reading about all your fun! haa. Really...I LOVE the pic of Lydie running on the soccer field and that puppet theater is the coolest thing! Me and Leighton would like to buy a ticket and come to a show next week!

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to come to your house just for all the fun!! Miss you all.

I haven't got to plant any flowers yet - good thing I planted the bleeding hearts and others that come back every year. I need you guys to come help me finish under my deck!!