Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Oh my dear sweet Lydia, if it wasn't for her I would run out of "material" for this blog. Here are a few of her latest.

*Last week we were all in the van going somewhere and Miss T was sick of being in the carseat. Which seems to be her new thing. We think it's ironic since when we first got her we actually went for a drive to get her to sleep. Anyway, she is screaming and whining in the backseat and Aaron says, "Stop screaming! Noone likes a kid screaming in the backseat!" And Lydia pipes in "Yeah, not even God!"

*After soccer practice in the 83 degree heat last night, Lydia says ,"Oh no I"m wet here." As she is touching her temples. "And I'm wet here too!" Touching the other side. I said that's Ok it's sweat, it means you were working hard. Poor girl doesn't remember sweating since it's been 9 months since it was hot enought outside to sweat.

* And my favorite, recently we booked airplane tickets to go back to GA and visit the people who took care of T and have a family vacation. At supper, Jonah was asking all kind of questions about if we could stand on the airplane and where we were staying, and what it would be like. Lydia was listening very intently but not saying much. I was excitetly telling them what it would be like. After a few minutes, Lydia looked up very concerned and asked, "We still get to keep her, right." I assured her that we get to keep her and we are only going for a visit.

Oh how it warms my heart to think of how God has changed the relationship between the girls. Lydia has changed from being the frustrated dethroned princess of the house to being the protective, loving big sister. A role she was born for.


Heather said...

She was definitely made for that role - I love the pics of those 2 sweethearts - you capture their relationship so well.
Hurray - JOnah gets to go on an airplane! Remember how many times he asked about that when Isaac would talk of visiting his grandparents. Tell Jonah we are all so excited for this new fun adventure he will have!
And hurray for family vacations! So happy for you guys - praying it will be a special time - when will you go?

Shannon Joy said...

One of the MANY reasons I love that little girl so much is for all those sweet Lydiaisms! I love it that she said, "yeah, not even God" when neah was screaming. haaa.

Emily said...

I love the Lydia stories. They make me smile. You should tell her that Lily just named her baby doll Lydia!

Mama Misty said...

Oh those are good ones! Another one that is really sweet to me is the way she named her baby doll Tessa...and still calls her that! Tessa had such a cute look on her face when Lydia told her the baby's name!!! Love you friend~Misty

Sue said...

Missy you tons Valerie

Anonymous said...

O Valerie, Nothing makes me smile big or cry hard than reading of the love of "your girls". Keep the stories coming!! Love you tons. Penny