Monday, May 25, 2009

Where my heart is tonight

I just had the priveledge of spending the evening with a dear friend. Some of you may remember the "twist" we put on Lydia's birthday party this year where we had the kids bring clothes and toys for kids in Africa.

Well tonight, my friend Sarah came over for supper.
She is leaving Monday morning for Mozambique, Africa to be a house mother to 10 orphans in a baby home there, the things we gathered from the party are going with her.

We were able to have a rich conversation about life, kids, Africa and of course Jesus. Because without him non of her story would really make sense. I know Sarah from high school where we played basketball together and went to the same youth group. We lost touch over the years and hooked up through facebook of all things. ( Some good do come from the internet:)

It's so fun how God can rekindle hearts in a short period of time. Her heart is so obviously to seek after God's will and this comes out over and over again when we visited. Her simple and powerful faith is a great encouragement to me. I'm so glad I serve a God that makes the world so small that a farm girl from small town North Dakota would leave all she knows and move across the world to care for orphans in Africa. I"m touched by the stories of Africa and the babies there who don't have homes. I'm amazed by the courage and obedience of this woman who is going simply because her Lord asked her to. I fell blessed to be able to partner with her in spirit and in prayer as she enters this new journey. Please join me as I pray for Sarah as she travels and transitions and as we watch what God has in store for her. Pray for travel details, for protection and good health, strength and courage. If you feel God nudging you to pray leave a comment here or on her blog. I know she will be encouraged.

Sarah with T and Lydia

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

James 1:27


Lyz said...

Okay, I totally recognize Sarah. You'll have to tell me her last name she a Crystal Springs alum?

Mama Misty said...

Sarah-- I don't have your blog, so hoping you have a great travel and that God only blesses your journey ahead!!

Anonymous said...

Valerie, relay to Sarh that she has and will cont in our prayers...Penny