Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dancing and hair dos

Today was just one of the those days I God said, relax Valerie and have some fun. That is what Sunday's are about anyway right. Well, I didn't relax too much but really took the chance to just enjoy the 3 blessings God put in my life called my kids. Many times I get so caught up in what "needs" to be done and get checked off the list I forget to enjoy those around me. Well today we enjoyed! We danced in the kitchen, played new games we got for Christmas, read some books and I did T's hair. It is soooo cool. Whenever I try something new with her hair, I feel like it's new adventure ( i know i don't get out much), but this time I really liked the way it turned out. It is such a sense of accomplishment, I just love it. And sweet T was so patient, for a 1 year old anyway. In case you're wondering, she is saying "Cheeeeeze" in this picture. It's her new latest thing as soon as the camera comes out.

Dancing to a little "Chicken Fried". It's such a fun song. And I'm not really into drinking beer on Friday nights, but we like the song anyway.

OK I love this picture EXCEPT for the blurriness ( is that a word?) I just got a new camera and I'm a little frustrated, b/c lots of my pictures seem to come out blurry. I've played with the different settings, I just can't get it to work. So if any of you photograpy gurus out there have any advice for me I'd greatly appreciate it.

Happy Sunday!


Nicole Anderson said...

Wow, her hair is really getting long! I love how you did it, so cute! And that Cheez smile, gotta love it!

Mama Misty said...

I also have to agree the hair is adorable!! What a munchin!
I am not a photog guru but I would suggest making sure you have it totally focused before you click the picture. On my camera I hold the button down about halfway then it beeps when its focused and then i push button all the way...and viola a focused picture! Good luck, keep playing. They will get better with practice. Love you!!

Theresa said...

Love the hair! Great job!!!

Lyz said...

Valerie, that hair looks amazing. I'm totally impressed.

Also, I agree with Misty. On our camera, you have to hold the "shoot" button for just a second until a green light goes off, then you get a clear photo. Lots of trial & error.:)

Anonymous said...

Her hair is very cute in those pictures. You are doing a great job with it!! I am so glad you took the day to enjoy your precious babes! It is so worth every minute. Love ya, Ann

Mama Misty said...

Just showed Tessa your page. She only recognized Jonah. And that made me laugh! I should say she could only name Jonah. She really tried to remember the girls names :) Anyway, hope you had a great day!!!

Misty and Tessa

Anonymous said...


Just to show that I do read and occasionally comment, here it goes :) The blurriness (which is a real word by the way) can be fixed one of 2 ways...holding down the button halfway, which was already suggested and making the subjects of the picture stand/sit still :) If you look at the pic, the blurriness is in T's hands, so she is obviously shaking or moving and in L's feet, because she was moving/dancing. It isn't the camera, it is your subjects! So get them all to sit rock still and then you will have no problem! Or enjoy that you have 3 movers and shakers and laugh at those parts and pass them off as intentional to introduce an additional element of movement into your photo journalistic style :) ~ Jane