Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet T!

One year ago tonight, I rocked my baby girl to sleep for the first time. I looked into her soulful coffee colored eyes and felt her fall asleep in my arms.
Tonight as I write I thank God for the little girl sleeping in her big sister's T-shirt.
I thank Him for her endless engery, her love of life and swimming
and the joy and craziness she has brought to our life.
I thank God that out of all the little girls in the world he chose Taneah to be my daughter!
Tonight we celebrated sweet Taneah being 2 years old.
(Actually we celebrated on Sunday and tonight)
We love you Taneah!


Shannon Joy said...

We LOVE you so much Taneah!!! You make my life even more beautiful!
Love your auntie Shannon. p.s. when are you coming to play with Leighton?

Heather said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sweet T - love that name for you!! It fits your southern roots. : ) Looks like it was a fun day for everyone and how great you got to do one of your favorite things - swim! You are a fun darling 2 year old!!

Larissa said...

Happy belated, beautiful sweet T!

Melissa said...

How sweet! It looks like your family is complete! I really enjoy ready your blog & keeping up with your family. It was nice to see you today, if only under different circumstances!